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초등/초급 (예상과정:1년)
△ meeting and greeting people:
hello.., I'd like to.., what's your.., where are.., nice to.., you have the.., is peter.., where are you.., what are you.., Is there.., Does this..,greet someone and introduce yourself,
introdice members of your family, give your name and how to spell it, give your address and phone number, tell where you are from, exchange information, learn about people, do interviews, etc

△ talk about people and places:
call directory assistance, using wh- questions, make a phone call, call and find out where people are, learn places in the community,find out where people are going, tell about every day activities, talk with friends with telephones, tell a story about family, about your relatives.
△ going around the places:
find out locations of the places, tell about community, use public tranportations, access public transportation, give directions to places, give someone direction, tell a story about your neghbourhood,

△ residence and living:
identify rooms in the home, describe house and apartments, tell about features of the apartments, describe the rent and utilities, identify furniture in the home, identify count food items, identify non-count food items, locate items in the supermarkets, visit local supermarkets, etc
△ illness and emergency:
identify common ailments, ask for recommendation and locate items in a drug stores, visit a local drug stores, discuss some remedies, make doctor's appoinment, give a medical history, follow instuctions during a medical examination, receive doctor's medical advices,give medical advices, report the emergency, make a emergency call,

△ shopping and recreation:
ask for articles of clothing in the department store, select articles of clothing by size and color, describe what people are wearing, find the right article of clothing, locate items and facilities in the department store, purchase items in a department store, visit a local department store, discuss and evaluate the prices, return items to a department stores, etc


일반회화 ( 예상과정:1년)
introductions, favorite things, diet and excercise, transportation systems, pets, holidays , etc
express preferences, life experiences, family relations, gender roles, superstitions, sleep, stealing, etc.
job interviews, love, supernatural, stress, adult and children, growing old, pollution, development, etc
recycling, rich and poor, welfare, smoking, gambling, homeless, disaster and prevention, money mgt., etc.
war and military, cheating, city budget, discrimination, divorce, sick and absence, justice and equality, etc.
drug and medicine, employment, forms of govrnment, professionalism, success, global economy, leader, fashion and the way we dress, mass media, etc
crime and security, views on hypothetical situation, investing money, view on life, society, world change,

Business English (예상과정:9개월)
introducing yourself and other clents, describing routines, giving advices to colleages, talking about stress, making arrangements, planning, coordinating, basic bookkeeoing, co. introduction, etc
visit and travel, attending business events, job finding, talking about career, describing your job, trade fair, talking about products, srvices, company structure, recruitment, internatinal business, banking, etc
retailing and franchising, business and environment, the stock market, import and export, company performance, setting up a business, marketing, coporate alliance and merger, product and advertising, etc

인터뷰 전화영어 (면접영어편참조 )

인터뷰 전화영어의 경우 본인의 영문 이력서, 자기소개서, 기타 수강생이 필요로 하는 presentation
자료를 기초로 회화적 구성지도, 당사 예상문제의 반복연습, 자료의 반복연습 등의 방법으로 지도합니다

※ 전문영역 보충교습

정치 경제 사회 문화 법률 금융(소비자, 기업, 프로젝트, structured 등) 투자(선물,
옵션, 파생상품, 주식 기타 유가증권,부동산 등) 등에 관하여 통상의 대화수준 이상의 토
픽에 관한 대화가 필요한 경우 요청시 보충 교습 가능

※ Cyber 학습실 운용
원어민과의 전화영어방식의 양적 부족을 보충하도록 하고, 길고 빠른 속도 말, 짧은 문장, 동요, 동서양
인 간의 발성상 차이가 나는 부분 등의 반복 청취를 통하여 스스로 깨우치고 개선하도록 유도