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1. Try to find out and correct the students' weak points such as pronunciation, usage,
--grammar, intonation, and other phonetic problems at least 3 times during one
--teaching session.

2. Try to help students recognize the exact differences of pronouncing the letters
--such as r, l, p, f, v, b, g, z, w, u, etc. in a word or phrase(for english).

3. If the student is beginner, try to speak slowly and clearly, and also a little
--loudly. In talking with a communicable partner, always combine the above
--"slow and clear" approach with normal speed of your speaking.

4. Tutors are recommended to let the student talk preferably one half
--of the class time and spend the other one half for his own talking/lecture.

1. Being punctual and having a strong sense of responsibility are the utmost priorities
--for this job as the tutoring time per day is comparatively short and recurring.

2. Observe and keep a record of each student's development status. fill out the evaluation form
for each student every month.

3. for each student, verify student's re-enrollment intention on his final day and report
--to the company.

4. make up missed classes that are less than 3 days within reasonable time
--but when missed classes are more than 3 days and difficult to make up, report
--to the company for adjustment in the student's final day and your pay calculation

5. when tutor cannot give a lesson on his cause, he must notify the student and co.
--at least 1 day in advance and make up within reasonable time

6. tutors are not allowed to use other languages than the language under class
--during the phone class

7. when tutor intends to quit the job, he must give us a 14 days prior notice. otherwise
the penalty will be imposed over 50% of the tutor's earned compensation to date.


Textbooks are recomended but not necessary for this phone tutoring. Even if
a textbook is chosen and used, the tutor should lead the conversation with a variety
of topics preferably for one half of the class time. Below are the illustrations of topics
that the tutor can choose and may use, but tutors are recommended to supplement
the topics by internet surfing, etc.

family relations, current job, career goal, work experience details, life plan, habit,
--hobby, preference, education, overseas study, health and exercise, recreation,
--friendship, food, english education

work experience:
1) repeat presentations and expressions item by item, in an abstract format, in more
--detailed format.
2) products/services, marketing plan/strategy, personnel policy, organizational
--management, corporate strategy, accounting system, finance/investment, leadership
--problem, human relationship

social issues:
--group negotiation-strike, sabotage, etc., environment problem-air, water pollution,
--conservation vs development, world population and its problem, rich vs poor, fashion,
--coeducation, sex social problem, status of foreign people, life in the 21c, unification
--of Korea, religion and cult, illegal drugs, internet and computor, AIDS crisis, violence
--on T.V., terrorism, globalizaion, stress solution, UFOs, superstition, animal rights,
--racism, the role of media, welfare system, cloning, millenium bug, organ transplant,
--nuclear weapon, human rights, marriage and divorce, gender equallity, immigration

other social issues:
--Tutors may select other issues if they are worth debating.

In general
desired format: face, facial expression, eye focus, eye contact, clothing, timely arrival,
--posture, hyperactivity, nervousness, pausing, speech speed, readiness
try to clarify the interviewer's concerns
enthusiastically address the interviewer's concerns
explain how you can grow in this position
make sure that the interviewer understand your qualifications
show how you can use your experiences to benefit the company

traps to be avoided
trying to answer every question as quickly as possible
describing student job negatively
wanting too much too soon
downplaying internship and parttime job
apologizing for your age
appearing surprised to recognize the interviewer's age, race, sex, face

Questions to be practised
1) Questions about yourself:
for this kind of questions, try to tell your value, accomplishment,
--that you are well organized, self-motivated, focused, how well fit into the job, etc
anticipated questions
--what is your memorable accomplishment?
--how does this position fit with your long term career-goal ?
--what is your greatest strength? greatest weakness?
--what key asset can you offer in this job?
--do you have any hobbies, ouside interests, participate in any sports?
--would you work with others or alone?, experience working with teams?
--are you a follower or leader?
--describe your ideal job, describe the job you are able to do
--what is your definition of success? of failure?
--how do you describe your success?, why have you been successful?
--how do you handle stressful situation?
--why should I hire you over the other candidates?
--describe the process you make the decision, how do you set goals?
--why did you quit previous job?
--How much time have you invested in developing yourself?

2) Questions about the job and the company
proving that you understand the job, know the company and industry.
--even if you do not know the details about products, profitability, position, goal, show
--how you arrived at such conclusion.
anticipated questions
--what do you know about this position?
--what do you know about our competition?
--challenges facing the copany, direction of the company,
--market performance of the new product,
--why did you apply with this company?, how will you help our company?
--personal vision, personal mission statement, vision after 3, 5 years
--what will you do if you are assigned to local or undesired department?
--how do you think of the gap between the job and your major?
--describe the respectable senior type

3) Questions about skills
describe your technical/work skill in a organized manner, once your technical
--skills are established, you should also sell the adaptability, skill of dealing with other people, --personality, attitude to communicate, cooperate in the organization.
anticipated questions
--what is the most difficult job problem you have ever faced?
--how good are you at oral presentation?, how would you rate your writing/verbal skill?
--how do you deal with unexpected events on the job?
--how do you organize your time?
--why should I hire you?
--what is your experience with group projects?
--how do you delegate your authority?

4) Qestions about Experiences
focus your answer on the employer's needs. simply explaining it does not provide
--appealing to the employer. show exactly how your accomplishments make you a perfect candidate for --the job opened
anticipated questions
--what kind of experience do you have for this job?
--how do you see the broad responsibility of the job?
--what are your qualification?
--how do you resolve a tense situation with coworkers?
--how does your experience match with our co need?
--how can you prevent the mistake? ever misjudge the something?
--give a specific example that you helped coworkers

5) Question about education and training
focus on updated education and adaptability. applying educatiomal skills to your job.in addition to --college and universities, discuss vocational/technical learning,
--other career related trainings
anticipates questions
--how do you improve yourself professionally?
--what do you do to keep up to date in your job?
--of what value do you place on the academic degrees?
--how do you think of the on line training program?
--why did you attend the university? how did you choose your major?
--how has your education benefited you?
--how has your education helped with your current job?
--what specific work related courses have you taken?
--why didn't you get a better GPA? does it indicate success in the position?
--extracurricular activities, leadership positions, preferred and least preferred courses
--have you ever been abroad to study language or any courses? what's the lesson?

6) other questions
--tell me about the major social issues
--what kind of programming language can you command?
--what portal site do you most frequently visit? why?
--assuming there's a call from foreign buyer, try talk with him.

issue summary
a, explain about yourself(emphasizing the relation to this job/study)
- for 3 minute, for 10 minute, for 20 minute
b, purpose/objective/why
- why this job, why this school, why this major, why this test, why change job,
- plan/goal after this study, career goal.
- how fit to this job, to this position. to this major/school